RUUMER release new single “Gimme Some”


Indie-pop duo RUUMER are taking the music scene by storm with the release of their newest single, Gimme Some. Along with the single, the sister duo has released an accompanying music video.

Gimme Some, which features Sammy Adams, is a anthemic track that is all about empowering women’s sexuality.

Inspired by RUUMER’s Catholic school upbringing, the song brings a satirical feel to the sexually oppressing environment of the sisters’ youth. RUUMER hopes the new jam inspires young women to feel comfortable in their own skin and embrace their sexuality. “As girls who grew up feeling like outcasts, know that it always gets better. Use your weirdness and creativity to find your passion and never ever give up on your dreams. No matter how big or small,” the duo says.

Music became an outlet for sisters Melis and Jess after they broke free from their chains of Catholic school and confines of suburban life. The emerging duo cultivate a message through their music with the main goal of empowering bad-ass females, and they look to their fans to join their girl gang revolution.

To learn more about RUUMER, check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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