INTERVIEW: Mother Mother


Indie pop band Mother Mother have had a busy year thus far. The band released their album, No Culture, in February as a follow up to their 2014 album, Very Good Bad Thing.

Most recently, the band has released a new single titled, Love Stuck, and has hit the road in support of their latest releases.

Check out what lead singer Ryan Guldemond has to say about what the band has been up to as of late!


For the record, could you guys introduce yourselves and tell us what your role is in the band?
Hey I’m Ryan Guldemond, lead singer, guitarist and songwriter for Mother Mother. 

It’s been a few months since the release of “No Culture,” how would you say the reception has been from your fans since the release?
Quite positive so far, and less polarizing than I expected, although I wonder if that was a misguided expectation. I thought this album might be our foray into a more cohesive and commercialized landscape, but as I sit with it, I appreciate how “Mother Mother” it still is, moving around a lot, between various peaks and valleys of strangeness and accessibility. It’s important to us that we exist in both worlds, simply because they’re both nice places to be. 

“No Culture” is a follow-up to 2014’s “Very Good Bad Thing,” how would you say you guys have grown as a band since then? Is there anything about “No Culture” that you would say differs greatly from “Very Good Bad Thing”?
We and our long time bassist parted ways so that definitely changed the dynamic. Never easy making a transition like that, but all and all it was the best thing for everyone. The new guy is great and the band has been performing really well and in sync on this cycle. The greatest difference between VGBT and No Culture would have to be the lyrical themes. There’s more hope and higher moral ground on NC, born from autobiography, whereas VGBT, and much of the earlier stuff, is more allegorical and sinister. 

Now you guys just recently wrapped up the west coast leg of your No Culture tour, how was it?
It was great. We did some headlining shows and a leg with Kongos who showed us a lot about great musicianship and congeniality. Some of the most talented and nicest folks we’ve toured with. Finally got to play Las Vegas. That was a highlight. It was a little accident prone, however, the tour itself. Two trips to the emergency room and various other stumbles. I had some major heartache shit going on as well. I remember writing a lot of sad poetry on long drives. 

Are you guys ready for the east coast tour? Any particular place your extra excited to play?
Yeah, the East Coast is always a blast. There’s a certain fervour in your neck of the woods that’s infectious and fun and a little dangerous. We’re excited to play Bowery Ballroom in NYC. We’ve never headlined there, and to do so seems like some kind of small yet meaningful right of passage in City of Lights.

Your latest single, “Love Stuck” is the beautiful result after some hard times, would you like to tell about the inspiration behind the single?
The song is about love being stifled by thought, which was kinda what I was going through, a bad case of over thinking and meta behaviour brought on by putting aside drugs and booze while writing and recording of No Culture. I think love is synonymous with creativity so the writing was definitely put to the test on this record. Love Stuck was the song that kind of got me on the right track. It unstuck me. 

What is next for you guys? New album in the works? More single releases? Anything you’d like to share?
More touring, singles, writing, all of that stuff. We were talking about doing a reunion tour of one of our older albums, playing it front to back, but I’m not sure if that’s super lame or super beautiful and fun. Probably whatever you decide it is.

And before we wrap things up, is there anything else you’d like to share with your fans and those reading?
We love and appreciate our fans, and also appreciate anyone who took the time to read this who doesn’t know who we are. Time is precious and you spent a little on us. Hope it leads to more. 

Be sure to check out more from Mother Mother on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Also, don’t forget to keep an eye out, they could be coming to your city!


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