INTERVIEW: Lunar Electric


LA-based rock singer Dre DiMura’s new project Lunar Electric is getting ready for the release of a brand new EP titled, Auracle Bone Script on June 23rd. Luckily for Trendsetters, DiMura took the time out from busy album release preparations to talk to us!

To start things off, could you introduce yourself?
Absolutely! I’m Dre DiMura. I write, sing and play guitar in Lunar Electric.
So Lunar Electric is a relatively new project, what is the inspiration behind this project? Who are your musical influences?
It began as an outlet for my own work. I was playing in various bands but wanted a way to showcase my own ideas. I’ll always be heavily influenced by The Beatles, Stones and Zeppelin, but I’m constantly pulling from other sources like books and TV. Some of the artists I’ve been inspired by lately are Alice in Chains, Dead Kennedys and Kendrick Lamar. 
Preparations are well underway for the release of your upcoming EP “Auracle Bone Script” are you excited for the release?
Super excited! It was 0-100 throughout the production process and I’m just finally starting to coast down and let it sink in. I have to shut down when I jump into a project like this, there is so much to do, it’s really all business. I don’t fully appreciate it until I come up for air. I’m really proud of the work we did.
How was your time in the studio recording the EP? Any songs you are particularly excited about?
I had a lot of fun during recording, but I was so zoned in I don’t remember much how I was feeling. Probably a little frantic! I’m excited about all of them! “Barnburner” is such a fun song to dance and rock out to and I think the other two are really strong and different from one another. There is sitar on Jackknife and I’m really psyched on that, I bought one at a Goodwill store in New Jersey a couple of years ago but hadn’t gotten a chance to use it on a record. I’m not trained on it and I don’t make any claims to be a real player, but I was excited to create with it. I was just watching Ravi Shankar perform today actually, I taught a class on The Monterey Pop Festival and I still get chills no matter how many times I see it! 
You also recently released a new single titled, “Barnburner.” What is the inspiration behind this song?
I wrote “Barnburner” from two fragments. I had written the first line about nothing in particular and began working from there. I added each line individually about a different person or experience that I’d had. The bridge came from a song that I recycled called “Pride”. I wanted the chorus to break from the “Exile” vibe that’s present throughout the rest of the song and I leaned heavily on Oasis for that. Sometimes I go back to Oasis and they really inspire me. The songs are so simple and they have a certain magic that transports you to the time and place that you first listened. They were an exciting band. For me, the song is really about being fearless and acknowledging who and what you are. I want to encourage people to take chances on unapologetically being themselves.
Would you say “Barnburner” lays the foundation of what your listeners can expect from the upcoming EP?
No I don’t think so! The rest of the EP may surprise them. All of the songs are pretty unique. They come from very different places and I think that it’s reflected in the music. They all tell a different story. 
Do you have any plans for after the EP release that you’d like to share?
I’m taking a short break to travel with some friends in Europe. I need to recharge my batteries and find some new sources of inspiration. I’d like to get back into the studio as soon as possible but I have a feeling we’ll end up on the road at some point next year.
Thats the most important thing. It’s hard to sustain a career if you’re not out there playing, and I’ve seen that first hand, when I was on tour with Palaye Royale. You have to touch fans one at a time if you want to really do this.

& Lastly, is there anything else you’d like your fans and listeners to know?
Go make stuff! Art is so important, don’t let it turn into wallpaper. 


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