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Swedish folk-pop duo Smith and Thell are gearing up for the release of their upcoming debut full-length album Soulprints May 12th. In anticipation of the album, the duo has released a couple of singles and music videos, with their latest release being the music video for their song February, which you can check out below. Trendsetters was lucky enough to ask Smith and Thell some questions and learn a bit more about what listeners can expect from the upcoming album, as well as the future for the duo.

To start things off, for the record, could you guys introduce yourselves?
Hello! We are Smith & Thell, we are a duo that write, sing and produce our own music. If you enjoy guitars, tambourines and folky vibes with a twist, maybe you’ll like our music.
What made you guys come together and decide that making music was something you wanted to do?
Both of us have always been drawn to music, especially the writing side. Me (Maria) started writing songs at the age of 11 and Victor started playing drums and writing songs around the same age. We found each other at a local music event as young teenagers and have been glued together since then. We were two restless spirits with lots of creative ideas and songs we needed to write, and longing to go on adventures around the world.
Who would you guys consider your biggest musical influences?
Mainly we’re inspired by great songwriting, more than specific artists. We do consider Simon & Garfunkel some of the best writers lyrically and experimentally. Joni Mitchell was an amazing artist and songwriter. But we love pop music as well, as Swedes and songwriters, the one and only Max Martin has inspired us a lot too. We actually just moved our studio to the original Cheiron studio where Max, Denniz pop & crew wrote their first big songs. There’s great vibes in the walls here.
Now you guys are currently preparing for the release of your debut full-length album titled “Soulprints.” What can your listeners expect from this upcoming release?
They can expect an emotional roller coster… They’ll feel everything from dark apathy to naive childhood joy. They can expect honest lyrics. A lot of songs on this album are about us dealing with our past experiences and looking in the rearview mirror at the same time we’re trying to move on emotionally. We’ve also got more in us than tambourines and stomps, which had a major part in our previous releases. 😉
How would you guys describe your time in the studio while recording this album? 
The same. An emotional roller coaster. I (Maria) think I cried at least a hundred times making this album.. Victor’s always like ’here we go again’ haha..  We’ve been drinking and also laughing a lot.  We’ve also found bits and pieces of ourselves along the way of making this album. It’s been a very therapeutic experience. 
In the recent months, you guys released the music video for your song “Row” which is off of the upcoming album. The video is visually stunning! Where did the inspiration for this video come from? Is there a story that goes along with it?
Thank you! The song is about looking your fears in the eye, facing them and not giving up when your struggling with them. We wanted epic landscapes to go along with the “large” feelings we felt writing the song, so we decided to film it on a far away island called Gotland, which is a 3 hour boat ride from Stockholm. The animations of the little monsters added over the beautiful landscapes of Gotland, symbolize to us that life places the most beautiful things on the other side of fear. 
This album is sure to put listeners on an emotional rollercoaster, each song brings a different story to the table. Is there a particular song off the album you guys would say is your favorite? Or a song that you think listeners should make a point to listen to?
All songs are so different and each have such significant meaning to us, so it’s hard picking one. 
But, Toast is a song that we really hope people are going to take to their hearts. It’s about forgiving even the hardest things in life to forgive, in order to help yourself move on. We say “Toast to all the bad times too.” 
Garden Of Eden is the only song we’ve ever written using real life memories about my (Maria’s) childhood, which we don’t talk about too often. It’s a poem about a paradise that vanished.
Then we hope that people will listen an extra time to ’Somebody Like You’. A little experimental sidestep sound-wise. 😉
Once the album is released on May 12th, do you guys have any plans to hit the road in support of the album?
Yes, we’re going to Germany for some shows, some shows in Sweden, and we’re planning a longer tour for this fall. 
And before we wrap things up, is there anything you guys would like to say to your fans or listeners?
Thank you for listening and supporting! Don’t cover up the prints on your soul that make you into you. Love from Sweden!
Be sure to check out Soulprints when it is released on May 12th! To learn more about Smith and Thell check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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