Teaser released for season five of Netflix’s ‘Orange Is The New Black’ ends with a BANG


Streaming service Netflix released a teaser on Tuesday for the upcoming season of one of their biggest original series, Orange is the new Black. If you need a recap on how season four of the series ended, we were left with a shot of Daya holding a gun to Litchfield’s CO Thomas Humphrey, with a large group of prisoners surrounding her cheering her on. The scene cuts to black before we ever find out what happens next.

The dramatic trailer for the upcoming season five picks up right where we left off. We are shown the same shot of Daya holding the CO at gunpoint, while being egged on by those surrounding her. The teaser than cuts to a shot of Piper and Alex walking down the hallway, discussing how next time they see trouble they are turning around and walking the other way. Well, low and behold they are headed straight for trouble. The trailer ultimately ends with a bang, representing a gun shot. But does anyone actually get shot? Looks like we’ll just have to wait until June 9th to find out.

In the meantime, check out the trailer below:


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