Youtube star in hot water after anti-semitic comment


If you find yourself watching videos on Youtube often, I’m sure you’re familiar with the youtube star “PewDiePie.” The Swedish video producer is well known for his commentary and comedic videos that can be seen on Youtube.

Recently, the man behind PewDiePie, Felix Kjellberg, has found himself in quite a bit of trouble after having posted a video with anti-semitic messages within it. The Youtuber paid a group of men to hold up a sign that read “death to all Jews”, which was then featured within his own video. After further review, it was realized that Kjellberg had a number of videos with anti-semitic jokes and gags embedded in them.

Since the video made it’s appearance on the internet, the Youtube star has received a large amount of backlash, as well as some serious consequences. The Youtube company has come out and said that they will be canceling the release of a second season of PewDiePie’s show, as well as put a stop to all promotion of the rest of his channel as well. Disney, who owns Maker Studios which helped produce Kjellberg’s show, has also come out to say that they have cut all ties with the Youtube star as well.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Kjellberg had posted nine videos, since August, with anti-semitic messaging within them. The PewDiePie channel has a whopping 53 million subscribers, and has accumulated 14.7 billion video views. Making it one of if not the most popular channels on the Youtube platform.

We’re interested to see what the future holds for the channel after Youtube decided to remove the channel from Google Preferred, which allows advertisers to see the most popular channels on the Youtube platform. This could be goodbye for the irreverent youtube channel.


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