7 Valentine’s Day date ideas that won’t break the bank


Valentine’s Day is a day full of great opportunity to express your love and appreciation to the one that you love. However, it can be easily misconceived that Valentine’s Day is a day to splurge and spend lots of money on your significant other. If you’re looking to do something special for that someone special this Valentine’s Day, without breaking the bank, you’re in luck! There’s plenty of things you can do with your significant other, without having to take out a loan. Here are a few ideas:

Recreate your first date

Did you guys have a special first date together? Then recreate it! Putting together a recreation of whatever it is that you guys did on that first day or night together is sure to impress your significant other. Whether it’s dinner at a special restaurant, or take out on the couch, with enough effort and creativity you’re sure to win over that special someone.

Cook them their favorite meal

Who says you have to go out to eat on Valentine’s Day? Put your culinary skills to the test and cook them up their favorite meal! How can they say no to that? Especially if it’s a meal they really enjoy! Throw a little wine and some candles into the mix and you’re golden.

Take a hike

Put on those hiking shoes and get ready to show off your outdoorsy side! Weather permitting, it could be nice to get out of the house and away from the television and enjoy the great outdoors. Pack some drinks and some snacks and hike away, maybe you can even stop at watch the sunset before heading back home.

Movie Marathon

Grab some snacks, drinks, blankets, and comfy clothes. Pop in a few good movies and relax the day away. If you find that you and your significant other are the type of couples who are always on the go, use Valentine’s Day to your advantage and spend the day together while getting a little R and R.

Go Sightseeing

Take advantage of where you live this Valentine’s Day and go explore somewhere new. Live in a city? check out some historical sites, museums, or whatever else your city has to offer that maybe you haven’t gotten a chance to see yet. Live in a rural area? Go check out some hiking trails, or maybe even catch the sunset somewhere where it looks nice.

An Evening At Their Service

Show your significant other how much you love and appreciate everything they do. Set aside some time to do whatever it is they ask of you. Fix them a drink, cook up a meal, clean up the house, give them a massage. Whatever it is that would put their mind at ease, they will no doubt appreciate it.

Have a game night

Bring out the competitive side in your significant other and set up a game night! Grab a couple of card or board games, some snacks and drinks, and get your game on! It’ll no doubt be a night full of laughs, fun, and competition.



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